The Lost Staff Of Wonders

If you thirst for adventure and a supernatural thriller with a dash of history, this book series is for you — and your kids.

“Will Wilder: The Relic of Perilous Falls” by Raymond Arroyo has been a bestseller since its release last March.

Now, book two in the series, “Will Wilder: The Lost Staff of Wonders” (Crown/Random House) comes out on March 7, 2017 — and it’s available for pre-order now. Here’s your first glimpse of the cover. (What kid could resist this?)

Booklist raved about the first book in the series: “With shades of Indiana Jones and Percy Jackson, Will Wilder’s antics are sure to appeal to middle-grade readers looking for the next great adventure.”

The sequel is even “Wilder.”

When the storied Staff of Moses — responsible for summoning the plagues of ancient Egypt — vanishes from the museum in Perilous Falls, Will Wilder is Suspect Number One.


At the same time, Will’s friend, Max Meriwether, is having strange dreams about a rising evil. Desperate to prove his innocence and stop the thief from unleashing terrors upon the town of Perilous Falls, Will must use his supernatural gift to locate the beast — except that it’s nowhere to be found.

The river runs with blood, sharp-toothed frogs surround his home, and clouds of swarming gnats choke the streets. Will must rely on his supernatural ability, everything he learned from his training, and help from his friends, siblings and Great Aunt Lucille to find the missing staff and unmask the hidden evil before time runs out for all of them.

Arroyo, an award-winning journalist, producer, and managing editor of EWTN, has more books planned in the series.


“The reaction to the first Will Wilder book has been unbelievable,” he told LifeZette. “I knew it would attract kids, but the way adults have taken to the series pleasantly surprised me. There is something here for everybody. Book one was all about Will understanding that the best way to the future is to understand the past. Family history and these historical antiquities shape all of us, I believe. This new book amps up the thrills with all new relics, revelations about the Wilder family, a hidden demon, and plagues galore. What could be better? I think kids and anyone who loves a supernatural adventure will want to join Will on his latest adventure.”

Arroyo’s own three children have been critical sounding boards during the creative process.

You won’t have to wait 40 years in the desert to find out how the new tale ends — but you will have to wait a few months. “Will Wilder: The Lost Staff of Wonders” will be released everywhere March 7, 2017.